CAC40 : The Paris stock market slows down its fall this morning but can quickly return to the path of the rising

The CAC40 dropped today following the announcements of the Spanish government, but the movement loses its strength.

Indeed, the announcement of the Spanish government to take control of Catalonia using the Article 155 Saturday, has somewhat weighed on the stock markets in Europe.

The CAC40 has fallen by the area of 5380 to 5350, where he is currently a support.

The increase could now regain his rights after this disruption of the markets, with a first obstacle to the 5370 before the 5400 that have not yet been affected at this stage.

Above, the increase may then continue in the direction of 5422 and 5477.

Has the downside, a break below 5350 would view the 5330 and then the 5300.

Despite the fall of this morning, the CAC40 maintains an upward bias in the short term for the moment.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5355 at the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H1

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