EUR/USD : A rebound-general of the Dollar on the Forex is pushing the Euro to the downside

The pair EUR/USD back to the area of the 1.1950 following a rebound of the Dollar on the Forex.

The EUR/USD pair blocks in the resistance of 1.20, but the dips remain supported at this stage.

The fall from the summit at 1.2091 has found a support to 1.1925 on an upward trend line of short-term, and just above the strong threshold of 1.1920.

The rebound that followed has easily broken the resistance of 1.1950, but hesitates more in the approach of 1.20.

It should also be mentioned the moving average 100 hours which seems to play the role of resistance since that night, and that is currently evolving towards 1.1995.

After a period of hesitation around 1.1980, EUR/USD is now accelerating to the downside on a movement of rebound of the Dollar on the Forex.

There is no information and news specific behind this movement, then that EUR/USD already seems to find a support around 1.1950.

The movement might therefore remain limited, but the resistance of the threshold of 1.20.

A steepening of the decline in the trend line to 1.1940 and the threshold of 1.1920 is still necessary to have a reversal of the most significant and go to look for the zone of 1.1850/1.1820.

A break of the area of 1.1995/1.2000 is still necessary to resume the upward movement, to pick up the 1.2030 and 1.2050 in a first time.

Above, EUR/USD could go to try to score new highs, with an area of resistance to monitor at 1.2070/1.2100.

The pair EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.1950 on the Forex.

Chart EUR/USD H1

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This chart has been realized with the trading platform TradingStation 2 provided by FXCM France.

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