EUR/USD (ING) : The Euro could remain supported on the Forex by the next meeting of the ECB

EUR/USD should stay supported in a range up to 1.18-1.23 by the meeting of the ECB, according to ING.

«To answer the question of at what point the ECB is concerned about the rise of the Euro, the statement of the ECB of September has described the volatility of the Euro as» a source of uncertainty that requires monitoring because of its possible implications for price stability in the medium term «.

But the ECB has raised its growth forecasts, and has only lowered by 0.1% its inflation projections for 2018 and 2019. To make it short, the increase of EUR does not seem to cause a lot of problems so far.

Speculation about the ads on the QE on October 26, should keep EUR/USD in a range up to 1.18-1.23. «

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