EURUSD is going to fall because of the elections in Germany

EURUSD will fall due to elections in Germany.

Last minute engraving forecasts 25.09.2017

The main event of this Monday morning: the results of the elections in Germany — the elections seriously weakened Merkel, this will put pressure on the euro.

Merkel’s Party (CDU) won the first place (33%), but this is the worst result in nearly 70 years, elections, 9% loss compared to previous elections. The second concern — the AfD has obtained the third place with 12% («Alternative for Germany») — a radical right-wing, semi-fascist, many call them the heirs to Hitler’s party, the NSDAP.

But the main concern for Merkel is the Socialist party (SPD), the second-largest (20% of the vote) — which has pulled out of Merkel’s coalition and in the opposition.

Therefore, the only option for Merkel to form a majority in parliament — and get the job of Chancellor — head of government — in order to create a coalition with two small parties — the Free Democrats and the Greens — 11% and 9% of the vote. This makes Merkel and her government are in a very vulnerable and objectively low.

The weakening of the Germany of the national authorities which is inevitably to the weakening of the EU as a whole.

This weakens the EURUSD.

We sell the euro from 1.1940 — and are willing to sell for a breakthrough down from 1.1860.

The level of the cancellation of the sale: 1.2005 — the breakthrough of 1.2005 and then we buy.

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