EUR/USD (Lloyds Bank) : The bank maintains its view is bearish and expects breaks techniques

Lloyds Bank maintains its view is bearish on EUR/USD and waiting for breaks technical.

«EUR/USD today opened globally in the same area as during the last two sessions, well contained in the range of 1.1670/1.1880.

As long as we operate under the resistance of 1.1860/80, we continue to build a movement in the direction of 1.15.

A drop under the support 1.1730/1.1670 would strengthen our conviction, paving the way towards 1.1580 and then 1.15.

A rally above the 1.1880 would suggest that there is the potential for a larger correction towards 1.1950/1.2000, where we will watch a formation of a top. «

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