EUR/USD (Lloyds Bank) : The Euro resumed its fall on the Forex in the direction of 1.15

Lloyds Bank believes that EUR/USD could continue to fall on the Forex in the very short term.

«The fall of EUR/USD inspired by Draghi is extended beyond the supports of 1.7130 and 1.1670.

We maintain our bearish view, with the rate spreads, suggesting that the movement could continue.

This has opened the way to the supports of the 1.1555 and 1.15.

A rally above the 1.1760, and more important, 1.1880 would be necessary to suggest that a correction in the direction of the 1.1950-1.2000 is possible, but the extension of the fall post-ECB has reduced this possibility. If we find this area, we seek signs of a top. «

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