EURUSD: Still going?

EURUSD: Still going?

The morning of the exam.

Thus, the euro on Wednesday, facing the growth, up to 1.1830 through the night.

The front of the box the day levels 1.1860 — 1.1880, with the breakdown of their likely movement, at least to 1.2080.

Today, everyone remembers, I think. The ECB decision at 12.45 pm press conference mario Draghi’s 1330, London time). Therefore, a strong movement is very likely.

Today also, it is expected to have almost unilateral (against the position of the Spanish authorities) the proclamation of the independence of Catalonia, the Parliament of Catalonia.

What was important and interesting yesterday (Wednesday 25.10)?

There was a very strong report on durable goods orders in the united states. It’s just super-strong. The controls are a growth rate of + 8% per year. And including the investment. And «without transportation».

It seems that the Federal Reserve has managed to crack the u.s. economy with a super-cheap loan.

But more interesting: This news is a strong support for the dollar, it would seem? And the euro and pound go up.

Further. At night, the Catalonia has once again said that he would have declared its independence from Spain. A strong blow to the euro.

And the euro has closed the day at maximum, and the week (running, not closed) is very similar to the upside.

Conclusion? The market wants to buy the euro.

We are in the purchases of 1.1795, stop 1.1750.

We are going to buy a breakthrough to the top of 1.1860.

The alternative is to sell the breakthrough 1.1723 down.

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