EUR/USD : The Euro Dollar accentuates falling to the Forex while Trump is redoubling its efforts to reform tax

The EUR / USD pair continues to fall on Forex, when the dollar is growing strongly.

In fact, after optimistic words the secretary of the US Treasury Department and Tramp meeting with Republicans and Democrats yesterday, the markets seem to regain interest in the record for the US tax reform, which may eventually lead to the end of the year.

President Trump said he would also dine with the leaders of the Democratic group in the Senate and the Assembly.

Trump has therefore doubled the efforts to find a bilateral agreement on tax reform.

In fact, although he has never approached democratic reforms, the ease with which an agreement on the marginal level has been reached may prompt the US president to change the strategy.

The markets welcomed these efforts and began to believe in the outcome of the reform by the end of the year.

Thus, the dollar rises on forex and leads to the fall of the euro / dollar.

The pair really broke under the pillars 1.1950 / 40, 1.1920 and continues to move below 1.1890 to eventually reach the key area of ​​1.1850 / 1.1820, which could be achieved in the short term.

However, since attention is now given to tax reform, we should not forget that tomorrow we will have a US CPI before the Fed next week.

Therefore, the reaction zone 1,1850 / 20 will also depend on these two major upcoming events.

In the case of a rebound, we will have resistance to 1.1920, then the area at 1.1940 / 50, where is also the trend line.

In addition to CPI in the US, the economic calendar for tomorrow will also include weekly unemployment, but this statistics should remain unnoticed.

The pair of EUR / USD is currently trading at 1.1893 on Forex.

Graph EUR / USD H1

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