EURUSD — the morning of the exam 10/19/2017

The pair EUR/USD is moving higher.

The morning of the exam.

The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book report did not give any support to dollar bulls.

On Wednesday, the FRS Beige Book, published a report on the state of the american economy is based on the regional report on banks under the Fed. All the words in the text are very soft — «dovish», which completely dominates the current policy of the Fed. The labour market is strong, but inflation does not increase. Therefore, the growth is moderate and very soft.

Now, this question of the pair EUR/USD on the decisions of the ECB next Thursday, the 26th of October. It is best to be prepared from the notes of the ECB program of Quantitative easing, where it will be reduced to 60 billion euros per month to $ 30 billion from January 2018.

Thus, the euro has started to rise yesterday.

The sales from the level of 1.1780 were shot in the purchases from the level of 1.1780 with the stop-loss placed at 1.1735.

The main question is to know if the price will go up to the order of the level of 1.1880. This will open the path to the level of 1.1980 and more towards 1.2100.

The alternative is to sell this pair from the level of 1.1728 and the sale for a breakdown at the level of 1.1668.

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