EUR/USD : upward pressures are to be monitored as the pair approach 1.1825

The pair EUR/USD remains high on the Forex and it maintains an upward bias in the intraday.

In fact, after having broken its wedge and the threshold of 1.1750, gbp/USD resumed the upside in the direction of 1.1775, and then towards the 1.1800 this morning.

The Euro Dollar has found resistance in this area, and has displayed a decline in the direction of 1.1775, but there is a bracket which supports the pair.

The bias is bullish intraday remains in place, and we could be headed to 1.1825 on a break of 1.1800.

The threshold of 1.1825 will then be monitored closely, while a break of this threshold to mark the start of a bullish reversal and deeper.

Above, the increase might indeed strengthen in the direction of 1.1860, 1.1920, then 1.1980/1.2000.

Has the downside, a return below the 1.1750 could reinforce downward pressures and to encourage a fall towards the support zone of the 1.1720/1.1680.

Below, we’ll still have the area of 1.1660 to monitor, before targeting a return to the area of 1.1620/1.1580.

The economic calendar will be empty today, it will be necessary therefore to continue to follow the market sentiment and technical thresholds.

The pair EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.1765 on the Forex.

Chart EUR/USD H1

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This chart has been realized with the trading platform TradingStation 2 provided by FXCM France.

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