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Euro Bets on Stock Indices

The main currency pair has highlighted the limitations of the medium-term trading and will not leave it until the new driver is just around the corner. This can make the EUR/USD pair break above 1 188? Most likely, a sharp acceleration in European inflation, which will force the ECB to make adjustments to its monetary […]

Trading Plan 11/03/2017

Trading Plan 11/03/2017 GBPUSD: Now, the decline seems more likely. On Thursday, the pound has behaved in a self-contradictory (just the way he likes): shows a sharp drop in the increase rate of the Bank of England. Analysts, of course, explained the fall of the pound by the lack of willingness of the Bank of […]

Fundamental Analysis EUR/CAD for November 3, 2017

EUR/CAD has been quite volatile after a false break 1.5050-75 resistance area. EUR has been quite mixed with economic reports recently, which would lead to the correction of this pair without a definitive directional movement. Today is a very important day for the CAD as several of the economic impact of the reports will be […]