Pair EUR / USD is preparing for a breakthrough

The pair EUR / USD is preparing for a breakthrough.

The morning of the exam.

Monday does not bring profit for the advocates of direct trades. The pair EUR / USD remained in narrow range for almost the entire day, trying to break below the level of 1.1730, but still face fierce resistance on the part of buyers.

At the end of the session, the euro managed to break the mark of 1.1728. However, the forces were enough to move prices in the direction of another escape, just for a bit of 4 points up to the level of 1.1724, which is without doubt a false failure.

The plans are unchanged. It is advisable to sell the result of a breakdown at the level of 1.1723 and the level of 1.1668 or buy after a breakout at 1.1860 and 1.1880.

Stop Losses positioned with 45 points in 4 digits.

Excellent news on the durable goods orders in the UNITED states is planned for Wednesday, when the Catalonia decision on the independence and the ECB’s monetary policy decision will be published on Thursday. Finally, the U.S. GDP is scheduled to be released on Friday.

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