Spain : Catalonia declares independence, and Madrid is the region under supervision, attention to the risk of the weekend

The catalan Parliament voted for independence this afternoon, but Madrid reacts.

The opposition parties have left the room and boycotted the vote, but supporters of independence needed only 68 pathways to take the majority.

The voted was 70 to independence, 10 against and 2 abstentions.

In Madrid, the central government has very quickly reacts, while the Senate was authorized by a vote of the guardianship of Catalonia, less than an hour after the vote on independence of Catalonia.

The guardianship of Catalonia using the Article 155 should be confirmed in this late afternoon/early evening.

The Euro did not significantly react to the news, while the stock market index of the Spanish unscrewed by more than 3%.

There was no contagion effect of the impact on the financial markets for the moment, but it’ll have to be careful this weekend and possibly cover/close out its positions to reduce the risk of the weekend.

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