Stock exchange : new threats of war from North Korea, causing turmoil in markets

Following the speeches virulent Trump at the united nations against North Korea, this last reply today with threats of war.

We recall that the President of the United States had threatened to completely destroy North Korea if it continued its nuclear weapons program in his speech at the UN last week.

Today, the minister of foreign affairs of North Korea countering with threats of war.

The minister said that the comments of Trump is clearly a declaration of war, and the international community must clearly remember that this is the United States who have declared war on North Korea.

North Korea is said to have the right to go down the american bombers even if they are not in the airspace north Korean. From the moment that the United States has declared war, we have all the rights to take countermeasures according to the minister.

This new escalation of tensions react to the markets with a wave of risk aversion.

On the Forex, there was a decrease of USD/JPY to the support of 111.60. A break below could encourage a stronger bearish correction, with the area of 111.00/110.75 that can be found in the short-term on a break to the downside.

On the markets in the stock market, the cac 40 begins to decrease, but without break the support of 5260 for the time being. It will take a decline below that the downward trend is reinforced in the direction of 5230 and 5200.

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