The new head of the Fed will be appointed already on Thursday, November 1

The new head of the Federal Reserve, will be named on Thursday, November 1.

The morning of the exam.

Trump said that on Thursday, the name of the chosen candidate for the position of the head of the Fed will be announced — the powers of the current head of the Fed Janet Yellen will expire at the beginning of 2018.

Here is the list of the applicants: National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, Fed Governor, Jerome Powell, of Stanford University economist John Taylor, a former Fed governor, Janet Yellen. (President of the Council for the Economy under the chairmanship of Harry Cohen, a member of the Fed’s Jeremy Powell, Stanford economist John Taylor from the University, a former member of the Fed’s Kevin Warsh, Fed Chair, Janet Yellen).

In general, in the last few decades (30 years) it is a rule of good taste to keep the former head of the Fed, despite a change of administration, regardless of who was appointed to head the Fed, the Republicans or the Democrats. Let’s see what Trump will do.

Is this the change of the head of the Fed to affect the monetary policy of the Fed? Probably not.

The situation of the american economy is very quiet. It is clear that in a year or two, there will be a new cyclical crisis, some new «bubble» will be inflated and burst, but the Fed is now in tightening any of its powers to stabilize the dollar financial system (this is the global system).

What about the EURUSD?

A new approach to down’s can be seen today — tomorrow — an attempt to break below 1.1575 — and 1.1500 — 1.1460.

The book is awaiting the decision of the Bank of England to raise (?) the rate of Thursday.

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