Trading news : How to trade the report to the NFP on Friday 6 October at 14: 30 ?

For each major statistical, publishes a special article aimed at helping you to practice trading news. We remind you that you can see the results of real-time statistics at the time of their publication on our economic calendar.

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The event : The report of the employment US for the month of September

Consensus forecasts, the preceding numbers and impact usual

The consensus anticipates 90k job creation against 156k in the previous month.

Usually, to observe a significant impact on USD, it is necessary that the publication deviates from the consensus of 70k.

On which currency pairs a trader this event ?

*Tip in the case of NFP than 160k : Sell NZD/USD
*Tip in the case ofe NFP lower than 20k : Sale of USD/JPY

Why these currency pairs ?

Our experience in the trading of news and the statistical indicators that we use internally based on historical studies of volatility help us to identify the currency pairs most sensitive to the trading of news as a function of the different possible cases and the time period. It remains possible to trade the event on all the pairs related to USD.

Warning on the trading of news on the Forex

Attention, trading news is for traders warned ! Indeed, the consecutive movements to news are often violent, and the technical phenomena of retracement complicate the positioning.

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