Trading Plan 11/03/2017

Trading Plan 11/03/2017

GBPUSD: Now, the decline seems more likely.

On Thursday, the pound has behaved in a self-contradictory (just the way he likes): shows a sharp drop in the increase rate of the Bank of England. Analysts, of course, explained the fall of the pound by the lack of willingness of the Bank of England firmly to the promise of further rate hikes.

Nevertheless, the fact is clear: Book sellers were stronger than buyers on the important news. Now, a further decline seems more likely.

On Friday, a report on employment in the united states for the month of October (11: 30 a.m. London Time — It should also be noted that on Monday, November 6, the united States will switch to winter time, and the new on the WE will again go into the habit of 12:30 and 6:00 PM, London Time.

Thus, there is the likelihood of strong movement.

We are willing to sell a break down to 1.3025.

The alternative is to buy the break of the 1.3325 on the rise.

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