Trading Plan: 25 — 29.09.2017

Trading Plan: 25 — 29/09/2017

The general picture: The market is in the process of preparing for the movement.

Monday morning is influenced by the elections in Germany. Officially, Merkel has won, but in fact, significantly weakened the position of Merkel inside Germany.

The CDU, the party lost 8% compared to the previous elections and received 33%. The main thing is that the second part of the SPD party leaves the coalition of the opposition. Merkel will be forced to create a coalition with smaller parties, the Free Democrats and the Greens.

The EUR/USD rate dropped to the opening with a gap of 45 points, the gap has been closed.

We clearly see a range with the current limitations of 1.1860 and 1.2005.

We are ready to sell at the breakthrough 1.1860 towards the bottom and buy at the break of 1.2005 on the rise.

Stop-loss for 45 points, the minimum margin is 100 points.

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