Trading Plan 30.10 — 3.11.2017

Trading Plan 30.10 — 3.11.2017

Important news of the week.

The image of the set: Last week, the EUR/USD pair ended with a sharp drop in its rate, as a result of the decision of the ECB and of the economic crisis on Catalonia-Spain.

On Monday morning, the Catalonia, the crisis seems to have receded. Of the ECB, the decisions were most likely strengthen the euro, so that the fall of the euro may not be very deep and long. But the rate 1.1500 is quite feasible, and may even reach up to 1.1300.

Important news of the week. On Monday, an important report on us consumer income/expenditure shows that the market expects a new data on the RFE index of expected inflation today at 12.30 pm London time.

Then, one of the important data on Wednesday is the Fed.

In addition, on the same day, Wednesday, the report on US employment from ADP and ISM index in manufacturing, in general, is a day of big news and possible volatility.

On Friday, the employment report in the u.s. non-farm employment shows that the projections are very high, reaching up to +300K.

On the GBPUSD: on Thursday, the decision of the Bank of England about the rate increase is anticipated by everyone.

The book has formed a hard, before deciding on the rate.

We negotiate for a discovery:

We buy 1.3290.

Sell 1.3020.

* This market analysis is for information purposes and does not represent a transaction guide

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