USA : The index Michigan remains high, despite a record debt in the United States

The consumer confidence index of Michigan university decreased to 96.8 against 99.2 expected, and 98.5 earlier in the month of November.

The index relating to the current financial situation of the Americans is progressing at 115.9 against 115.5 in advance and 113.5 previously. Surprising when one knows that the debt of the American…

Look at the bubble in student loans which inflates the United States, where the car loans ! In 2016, the household debt used to pay for a car has hit a record high of 1200 billion Dollars. This is 13% higher than the previous peak back in 2005, before the crisis.

The aggregate debt of American households is back to the level of 2008, more than 10,000 billion Dollars.

It is to believe that the Americans think that the more they go into debt and over their financial situation improves…

This statistic does not influence the EUR/USD continues to digest the report, NFP.

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