USD/JPY : renewed confidence around the tax reform of Trump supports the Dollar on the Forex

The pair USD/JPY resumes its rise on the Forex with a rebound on Dollar’s general.

In fact, after optimistic words of the Secretary of the US Treasury and the meeting in Trump with Republicans and Democrats yesterday, the markets seem to recover interest on the record of tax reform US, which could eventually lead by the end of the year.

This boosts the Dollar on the Forex, and pushes USD/JPY above the resistance zone of 110.10 and the trend line downward to 110.20.

One approach, therefore, an important area of resistance, with the peak from August 31 to 110.66, the resistance of 110.75 and the threshold of 111.00.

This area could be difficult to break in the immediate future, especially after a significant rally since the beginning of the week.

Buyers who have followed our advice to the 107.40 on may therefore consider the profits being taken in total in this area.

Has the decline, there are early media on the trend line to 110.20 and then the threshold of 110.10.

Below, the correction could deepen in the direction of 109.70 and possibly the area of 109.10/00.

The pair USD/JPY is currently trading at 110.50 on the Forex.

Chart USD/JPY H1

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